The aim of counselling is to help you find better ways in which to understand yourself, your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


This form of  self exploration helps you to identify and understand patterns in behaviour, make lifestyle changes and increase self awareness and self confidence, all of which aids personal and professional growth, as well as, helping to develop emotional resilience increasing your ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises without lasting difficulties.

Making the decision to attend counselling is a positive step towards achieving emotional well-being, however, like any first step into something new, it can also feel quite daunting. This is why I offer a safe, comfortable environment in which you will feel at ease and supported, where you may freely express your thoughts, feelings and emotions without the fear of judgement.

When looking for a therapist, it is important to find someone you feel you can trust and be comfortable opening up to, therefore, I offer an initial 30 minute consultation to enable you to meet me, ask any questions you may have and to explore your needs and expectations of counselling.

If you then decide that you want to proceed,

sessions are 50 minutes long, on a weekly basis and cost £30. (Concessions maybe available depending on circumstances). I offer both short term contracts (up to six sessions), and longer open ended contracts (ongoing under regular review of your needs). 

What to expect from Counselling

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