This is a face to face appointment, where you will have the opportunity to talk about the issues that you would like to address.

In the first session, it is helpful for me to get a sense of who you are and the problems that have led you to come to therapy.

It can also be useful for me to gain some brief knowledge about your family history.

The first appointment helps us to determine how therapy can help or to signpost you to the appropriate help if therapy is not suitable.

After the first appointment, if you decide to move forward with therapy, we will discuss how many sessions to book. Sessions are normally booked in blocks of six, with on going reviews to discuss your progress and to look at your needs at that particular point in your journey.


You may find that you only need two or three sessions, or, it could be that further sessions are necessary.

The aim of therapy is for you to develop your own coping skills and resources and to restore balance so that you are better able cope with the challenges of life.~*


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Individual  Therapy

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